House Sitter   Cindy Heinricy

House Sitter Cindy Heinricy

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Location:   Edens Landing, Australia

Age:   55

Experience:   9 mo

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About Cindy Heinricy:

Hello. I am from Australia I gave 4 children ranging 38 to 14 (3 boys and  a girl)  I am a grandmother to 2 granddaughters. We currently have dogs and cats . I have bred Siamese x Ragdoll cats for the past 2 years I absolutely love the mix of temperament. We have bred guinea pigs, budgies, cockatiels, lived on a sheep farm. Had a little experience with horses cleaning their stable, turning the hay, feeding them etc.  animals make me happier than almost any human can besides my children. I am married and this year we mark our 23rd anniversary and luckily we share many of the same passions .

We absolutely love to travel and experience different cultures and experience all the world has to offer. We have been to Fiji. Canada (Vancouver) New Zealand, Los Angeles, England, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium and Amsterdam. All of these as tourists. Now we hope we will get to live amongst communities as locals, it will be a wonderful experience I am sure.  We are hoping when my daughter finishes High School that we may either move to the U.S, Canada, England or Europe truly we love it all.  My husband is a General Practitioner and I was a Security guard for many years but I think through recent housesitting locally my husbands interest has peaked in the potential to see the world and experience it as sojourner together and caretaking for others their homes and their greatest treasures their fur babies. I really enjoy cleaning and we both love photography and we have utmost respect for other peoples ‘things’ and all that is entrusted to us, which is so much why I want to include my daughter and where possible my 18 year old son to learn to truly honour others and treat what belongs to others with utmost respect. Invaluable lessons to take into life.
I have also been ‘pregnant’ with a novel for the past 12-18months so I intend to really use my down time to dig in and draw out the many ideas that have been floating around. 

So that’s us in a nutshell. I will get a couple of references to add to my folio and I hope we build many friendships of both the human and animal kind on the next part of our journey.

Kindest Regards

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