House Sitter   Graham Bernstein

House Sitter Graham Bernstein

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Location:   Del Mar, California

Age:   64

Experience:   11 mo

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About Graham Bernstein:

Graham 63yrs, is a soon-to-be retired physician (neonatologist) living in Del Mar, California, near San Diego, who grew up in South Africa, and Cindy 40 yrs, physical/occupational therapist who takes care of elders in their home, professional house painter and home maintenance enthusiast, and home and pet caretaker for friends and neighbors who grew up in Barbados and Toronto, Canada. We both love the outdoors, animals, traveling, meeting interesting people, and eating Cindy's wonderful cooking. Graham takes care of finances and organizational and travel logistics, and Cindy of social affairs, food and house maintenance issues; she is an avid cook and we both love animals. Graham bred Basset Hounds as a teenager. Available to travel and house-sit, take care of animals and property.

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