House Sitter   Cynthia Staton

House Sitter Cynthia Staton

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Location:   Honolulu, Hawaii

Experience:   9 mo

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About Cynthia Staton:

Aloha! Leave with a Peace of mind!  You can have confidence, in the trust you put in me! It’s important to me to be exactly what your expecting and more!

I am single with time to look after your needs!

I had a Hospitality/Chauffeur Service in Atlanta area for almost 20 years. Managed team assignment, coordinated assignment schedules.  My niche, was that my clients had the consistency of knowing they were in good familiar hands.

Also, House sitting, light house cleaning, childcare and Senior Care. I have a passion to make your life easier.  I just enjoy the satisfaction of getting it done well! 

My requested Services usually are; Shopper, Errands, cleaning duties, Mail, Pet Care, Plants. Love pets!

I am a fast learner and willing to develop expertise in any other request. Of course security and sanitizing precautions is a must.

Available!  No trades please.

I look forward to looking after everything that matters to you with care!  Let’s talk! Thank you, Cynthia

ALSO: Background check Available. CLEAR!

And Drug test available 

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References 3

Karen Webb

Homeowner in Atlanta, Georgia

Collected Mail, Plants, Errands. And occasionally looked after Dads care, while out of town.

“Cynthia was more than I imagined to get! She did more than I expected. My pets loved her! I have had others..I felt at ease, away from home! Cynthia is a keeper, and worth it! “Karen

Date of Service Jun 17, 2018

Tacoma Perry

Homeowner in Jacksonville, Florida

Mail, Pet Care, Errands, Plants. And Occasionally watched children when out of town.

“I consider Cynthia like family! She has been a trustworthy lifesaver! She watches our home during the winter season and we always come back to find it in better shape than we left it. We love her and recommend her to anyone! Tacoma

Date of Service Oct 1, 2016

Nedra White

Homeowner in Atlanta, Georgia

Childcare, Preparing Meals, Mail. Light duties.
“Cynthia, played an integral part in helping me with home management and childcare Since my child was 3 years old. I wholeheartedly feel like our Family is 100% better off because we have Cynthia in our lives! Cynthia's passion, dedication and love for the Lord has made her indispensable to our family.

Date of Service Feb 22, 2016