House Sitter   Sylvie Rivière

House Sitter Sylvie Rivière

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Location:   San Jose, Costa Rica

Age:   57

Experience:   9 mo

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About Sylvie Rivière:

Hi there,

I'm Sylvie and I'm new here! Originally from NL but living in France since last year. My keywords:

Single, Authentic, Confidant, Independant, Organizer & Planner Dutch/French nat. Investigating what this world has to offer more for me. 

If you're interested in my Human Design profile: I am a Manifestor 6/2 Role model/Hermit 

I moved to France last year from NL after raising my four kids into strong personalities and love living in France. But I am looking for a transit for the colder winter months. For this year it's going to be Costa Rica...but next year I am open to Australia and other continents of the world.

Maybe a little bold but I already booked my flight to Costa Rica for next year. Hopefully I will find a house sitting job there for those weeks. I am good in being alone but also like to meet new people. I come from a big family of ten kids and am used to support others. Not bothered by homesickness. I speak Dutch, English, French a little German and Spanish. I learn languages quickly so I'm open to learning more.

I always had two dogs to take care of but now they are gone it would be nice to join the two things of travel and still taking care of pets for others. I am a very good house sitter...My current landlord is very happy with me because I take good care and (fixed up) the cottage I'm staying in. She is English. 

I will also take good care of your property (and pets) while you are gone with regular updates to reassure you of things. 

I am a perfectionist (Vergo) so clean and tidy with a good sense of responsibility of other people's treasures. 

In general I want to return to France after three months because of the nice climate and culture here but am flexible in dates because it's just me, I'm not looking for a new partner in life and have no interest finding one. But I ám looking forward to meeting new people as friends to make life more interesting with deeper connections if possible and invest in them. Hope to get to know each other more...

Many thanks! Sylvie

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