House Sitter   Steve Olsen

House Sitter Steve Olsen

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Location:   Carpinteria, California

Age:   61

Experience:   10 mo

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About Steve Olsen:

     The "third" third is upon me. I am a single young 60 year old and, given my family genetics, I hope I have 30 years left. I've worked hard and become financially secure for the rest of my life. My career is winding down and I look for opportunities to live with more wonder, more experiences, and more interactions with the world.  

     I've traveled extensively in my life, studying in Rome, exploring my roots in Norway, and travelling with family. Many of my travels have had a much sought after physical component- hiking the Grand Canyon, Back Roads Adventures bicycling excursions, and walking, bicycling, tennis, and hiking everywhere I go. I do not drink or smoke.

     I've had a successful career with the last 22 years as VP of Operations for a fuel oil wholesale company in the Santa Barbara, CA area. In that time our business grew by a factor of 7 and is currently one of the largest distributorships on the west coast. 

     I enjoy working with my hands. I've taken a big role in the remodeling of a 103 year old mediterranean home. I replaced knob and tube wiring with romex, lath and plaster with drywall, and black piping with PVC. I enjoy the challenges and often call on YouTube to help walk me through a project. In addition, I created a beautiful landscaped back yard. 

      I have a 10 year old Australian labradoodle that I love more than life. I share her with my significant other and she sends me pictures daily while I'm away. She's my fur baby and brings constant joy to me. I've travelled with her and without her- and quite frankly, she likes being in her home the best. 

     I like electronics. I understand that it's imperative to be internet savvy in this world today- and glad I bought Apple stock in 1994! I've got all the equipment to keep me connected wherever I go- but still enjoy my passion of reading with a good book in hand. I rarely watch TV in favor of streaming a half hour subscription of my favorite pod or news cast. 

     I don't have any house sitting referrals- I've yet to do it for any period other than to help a friend or family member out. I can provide numerous personal and business referrals as to my character. I have never had a run in with the police and believe in affording them the utmost respect. What I do bring is  honest, intellectual, rational, and dedicated commitments to my endeavors. 
If I get asked to do a job- I will do it to the best of my ability utilizing my talents. 

     I still work. I take one week off a month currently as a forage into retirement. I'm available right now for just that one week. Thus, I'd probably prefer staying in the states until I have more time. 

     I welcome any dialogue in response to this bio. It's all about creating good experiences for both parties and I look forward to these opportunities. 

Steve Olsen

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