House Sitter   Maria Berardi

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House Sitter Maria Berardi

Location:   Buenos Aires, Argentina

Age:   34

Experience:   9 mo

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About Maria Berardi:

Hello! My name is Mary and I am based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a fashion designer and artist willing to launch my own brand, my current day job is the makeing of senior clothing, for senior year of high school but my dream is to make it as an artist. In this part of the world, latin América, we are living a difficult time due to political and economic issues well known by occidental countries, so this is the reason why it's difficult for people like me to build an artístic career, my first thought was moving abroad, moving where art can make me subsist and bring me success in future times, the fact of the matter is that I am so attached to everything here that it came up to me the idea of house sitting and have the posibility to travel instead of moving away and in the mean time make people in developed countries know me and my art. I am a hard working person, responsable who know the value of things you obtain by working hard for them I am olso an animal lover, I have two dogs and three cats at home. As a guarantee I will provide you my parents data and adress here in Buenos Aires, this is where I live half a year. I'm anxious to take care of your house 🙂 and willing to know from you soon!

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