House Sitter   Kevin Ray

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House Sitter Kevin Ray

Location:   West Frankfort, Illinois

Age:   66

Experience:   9 mo

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About Kevin Ray:

I am 66 years old been retired for 20 years responsible adult single have pets of my own love dogs cats glad to work for you if you so choose. I have several references Hawaii Los Angeles California Alto pass Illinois lake of Egypt in Marion Illinois interested give me a call or send me a text message and the dates that you have available I'll let you know what I can do for you thank you very much Kevin Ray.. I'm usually in Costa Rica at least twice a year and plan on going to Panama around boqueta if you have something in these areas I would be interested

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References 3

David Smothers

Homeowner in Marion, Illinois

Basically kept his house protected well he was in China make sure the gardener get the yard mowed kept an eye on his boat and jet skis and took care of the pets 4 chihuahuas.very nice lake house on the lake of Egypt south of the city of Marion Illinois he was gone for 4 weeks visiting China Vietnam Bangladesh Ion work. He is an engineer for a China tire company also stated his residence for two weeks while he went to the SEMA show in Las Vegas for his company in 2017 any questions give him a call or texting 1 618 751 3030 thank you.. Kevin Ray

Date of Service Apr 10, 2018

Eric Moorman

Homeowner in Alto Pass, Illinois

I have provided house-sitting services for Mister Mormons company result home buyers LLC in the past two different occasions included a 30-day stay as well as a 45-day stent on his property is located at 7540 State highway 127.. some of the duties was maintaining the property paying the bills associated with the property and scheduling property maintenance house management task and even services with his car allow me to use this card you're in my stays and was always happy with how clean they were and I even kept them full of gas when he returned.. very pleased with my services can be contacted at 1 618 942 7500... And I do have letters of recommendation if needed.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2017

Tom Thomas

Homeowner in Honolulu, Hawaii

I worked for Tom the month of May and then in July I worked at his house in Los Angeles take care of his property and Pet's. Mainly just to watch over things and keep the utilities and the help when they came to do their jobs nice places and good people. He also allowed me to drive his vehicle and I kept it clean used his jet skis ECT.. very nice guy 70 years old. He traveled several times from Hawaii to Los Angeles area has called me a couple of different times throughout the past 10 years.. probably said it both houses at least twice since 2000

Date of Service May 1, 2015