House Sitter   Cathy Proscia

House Sitter Cathy Proscia

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Location:   Newton, Massachusetts

Experience:   2 yr 9 mo

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About Cathy Proscia:

I seen on my profile that it says I have 1 month experience..but that is only on this site as  just joined...

In my former life as a successful film and video producer, part of my everyday life was to juggle many difficult tasks with many different but stringent deadlines.   I am a very high energy person who loves to keep busy, gardening, caring for animals, hiking  and traveling.
I have housesat for many different types of families and situations, from luxurious estates in Northern California, to more modest accommodations including townhomes, farms and ranches from NH to Southern New Jersey and throughout California.

Most recently, I act as a type of personal assistant to a wonderful family for both their homes and dogs in the Boston area as well as in Harwichport MA.   Some of those duties include handling of mail,  acting as liaison when service providers are scheduled (ie, plumbers, electricians, cleaners, etc.), caring of plants, lawn trees and some landscape design and caring for animals including dogs, cats, birds, horses and reptiles.   I am also great with kids in case any last minute child care is warranted.  You can trust me.   

I love people, plants and animals of all shapes and sizes.  I am currently updating my CPR certification for adults as well as animals and have been bonded for past assignments.  Trustworthy, responsible and reliable,  I believe that what goes around comes around.  I am very happy.

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Antoinette Terry

Homeowner in Harwichport, Massachusetts

General care of home also included 2x walks, medication, feeds for both dogs. Feed, water, weed and fertilizing of gardens and lawns. Acts as a shuttle for rides for children and friends.

Date of Service Jul 1, 2019

Richard Lyons

Homeowner in West Newton, Massachusetts

Dr. Lyons took the entire family to Hawaii for a 2 week vacation and left me with the home and the 3 dogs. After receiving a middle of the night phone call telling me that they were robbed during their trip, they were extra grateful that I was there and able to retrieve the serial numbers of their computers that were stolen from their hotel rooms for their police report.
Homesitting can take many different forms and I am ready, willing and able to assist you.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2016

Carolyn Crimley

Homeowner in Fairfax, California

Lived at Carolyn's apartment when she traveled to Greece. I took care of her dog, Wally along with caring for plants and mail service.

Date of Service May 1, 2015