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House Sitter Jet Set Taylor

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Location:   Bentonville, Arkansas

Experience:   3 yr 8 mo

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About Jet Set Taylor:

I have been married over 20 years, raised an awesome son, and I have 3 beautiful rescue kitties (MoFo, Paris - Prince of Troy & Jimmy) of my own at home. I am a Nurse (RN Multi-state license) 30+ years & Corporate Flight Attendant, so I am more than happy to give your pet any needed meds, or extra TLC. You will find me to be trustworthy, responsible, affectionate and compassionate. I sold my house after living in FL for 25 years, moved to NY and was a Property Manager for an AirBnb for 3 years.  I also have references from staying in AirBnb's myself that you are welcomed to contact. I am able to work remotely as a crypto trader.  I LOVE travel, meeting new people, animals and exploring nature. The best part is the new friends I have made after housesitting for them. I understand what it is like to worry about your pets and having to trust someone else to take over while you are away. I will look after your home and pets as I would my own - with special care and responsibility. I am a non-smoker, prefer a quiet lifestyle. I do not take any Flight Attendant jobs while I am house sitting. Besides House-sitting, I have also done home exchanges, bartering for numerous things / vacations, etc... and also love couch surfing, work-aways, working / staying in hostels, been a Camp Nurse & Counselor in the Poconos - all for the experience of it. I also have have flipped homes in Florida, worked the BP Oil Spill, worked property management, Collected rents, enforced evictions and everything in between with a current FL Real Estate license. I am always looking for an adventure of some sort, or sorts... I love pets, and had have had dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens and ostriches - okay , No Ostriches. I am open to ideas / offers, so please do ask ! Linkedin : Jet Set Taylor    Thank you

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References 3

Dr Steven Shapiro

Employer in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Steve Shapiro, MD
Director at Gardens Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center

April 30, 2019, Steve managed ~ Taylor directly

I have known Taylor for many years and hired her as an RN in our office due to both her medical and aesthetics background. Taylor has a strong medical background with her Nursing Degree as well as aesthetic training which helped her learn to assimilate many procedures for our patients. She learned how to use an Intense Pulsed Light to reverse sun damage, a laser for Laser Hair Removal, a special facial device for oxygen facials reversing sun damage and wrinkles, a laser to reduce fat, and a radio frequency device for skin tightening and body contouring in her first few months while working for us. Taylor has a pleasant personality which put our patients at ease and cared for our patients as if she were their family member. She is a valuable source for medical information and always has the desire to learn more in the medical and aesthetics fields

Date of Service Apr 30, 2019

James Woltz

Homeowner in Grand Rapids, Michigan

As a Licensed General Contractor, I met Taylor about 4 years ago during some real estate functions. We have stayed in touch and she has called me to work on some of her projects. Recently, I had some tenants move out of my New York property and leave it in quite a disrepair. The house is ideally located on a river and will make an excellent AirBnB rental instead of a monthly rental. Since I work in another state, I approached Taylor to see if she would be interested in coordinating the renovation and becoming an AirBnB property manager. She gladly accepted this opportunity and has done a fantastic job so far. Some of her duties this past year have been to schedule and coordinate contractors, provide updates of progress, handle any and all aspects of the AirBnB. I check in whenever my busy schedule permits and the house is making great progress. Taylor has three cats, but you would never know when walking into the house. The house is clean, neat and tidy even with the renovations that are occurring. Taylor has expressed an interest in house sitting in order to see more of the country and build a travel business, and I have encouraged her as this portion of the project is winding down... Can't say enough good things about her!! 5 stars all the way across the board !

Date of Service Apr 1, 2018

Jim Kessler

Homeowner in West Palm Beach, Florida

I have known Taylor for fifteen years and she has been house and pet sitting for us 10 years. I travel several times a year and never have to worry about things at home when Taylor is there. Don't know what I would do without her! Very organised, Reliable, Self-sufficient, Tidy, excellent Pet care.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015