House Sitter   Jannie Hjorth Stjernholm

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House Sitter Jannie Hjorth Stjernholm

Location:   Hilleroed, Denmark

Age:   39

Experience:   8 mo

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About Jannie Hjorth Stjernholm:

We are a small family of 3, mum, dad (in our thirties and forties) and our daughter Freya who is 5. We live in Denmark but are up for adventures around the world, starting September 2019!

Jannie works for Red Cross as a social worker and coordinator at a refugee camp and Jesper is a chef in charge of a larger kitchen.
We both grew up with cats and dogs and have had a few dogs together and a cat. Jannie also grew up on a dairy farm and have been a horse owner twice, plus worked with racehorses and horse trekking in New Zealand. So we looove animals and farm Life.
We possess and value honesty, commitment, kindness, cooperation and common sense. We are non smokers ;-).

At the moment we live in an apartment with a small garden were we grow some flowers and veggies, but we are slowly looking for our own place to settle down and that can be anywhere in the world! So we are opening up for new opportunities, possibilities for that all over the world, which is why we thought this would be a perfect way to explore some countries and the local life. We also think it's a great opportunity to show our daughter about the diversities in life around the world and more about the responsibilities and daily routines that comes with animals. We plan to leave Denmark around September/October 2019 and head for a warm place like Costa Rica, Mexico or a Caribbean island. Thereafter we plan to go to New zealand and hopefully some of the south pacific islands and Hawaii. Yet nothing is planned, so if a perfect house sit shows up in a different location, we will be ready for that.
Jannie plan to study yoga along the way and Jesper will practice flying with his drone and hopefully laearn to surf. We will also do some homeschooling with Freya and finding new friends with her.

We have been house sitting in Canada on a farm with chickens and a dog and also in a city apartment with a cute dog and we enjoyed both very much.

We are open for opportunities, so feel free to contact us! Also if you have any questions <3.

Hope to hear from you!

Greetings from
Jesper, Freya and Jannie

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Tina Barnes

Homeowner in Victoria, Canada

Reference from a Homeowner in Victoria BC. Canada.

"My husband and I hired Jannie to care for our dog and horses while we vacationed in New Zealand.
Not only were our beloved animals well cared for, we came home to a spotlessly clean house and a home cooked dinner!
We cannot say enough good things about our experience!"

Organised *****
Reliable *****
Self-sufficient *****
Tidy *****
Pet care *****

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Date of Service Sep 8, 2015