House Sitter   Erin Saylor

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House Sitter Erin Saylor

Location:   Hubert, North Carolina

Age:   38

Experience:   6 mo

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About Erin Saylor:

I have 9 years law enforcement background. I have a 20 year old (still healthy but 100% blind) cat named Jasmine and a 12 year old dog named Kacey. While I am away house sitting they are with my husband. I love to travel and this is a great opportunity to help others while they travel.

When I was residing in Georgia I watched over 12 cats at a residence in Tybee Island. That was my first experience helping others. Soon after I became a police officer. I only got out of law enforcement because of the stress of the job that caused health concerns. Once I resigned my health was back to normal.

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Alicia Keppley

Acquaintance in Newport, North Carolina

Several occasions would keep check on residence when out of town for several years now.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015