House Sitter   Kimberly Bartling

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House Sitter Kimberly Bartling

Location:   Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Age:   57

Experience:   2 yr 3 mo

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About Kimberly Bartling:

I am a professor who left the traditional classroom eight years ago. Since then, I have been spending substantial time in Belize, Central America where I have been volunteering in two different schools where I: a.identify street children and work to enroll them in a nurturing settings b.establish arts programming c.provide teacher development d.create literacy programming. 

I wear a variety of hats in my state of South Dakota. I am still teaching part-time at the University of South Dakota; as they are aware of my desire to travel and serve, my classes are hybrids - I can teach from my phone! I own a theatre company (Ephemeral Productions) & a storytelling company (Plains Speaking People), I am a motivational speaker and corporate communication consultant. Finally, like many, I am an aspiring writer.  I am currently freelancing for a non-profit organization writing stories of hope in the Native American Community.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and daughter.  If fact, my 79 year young mother is - many times - my traveling companion. Just in the last 2 years, she has accompanied me zip-lining through a Honduran jungle, snorkeling in Mexico and waterfall jumping in the Dominican. I continue to say, "yes' to new adventures as she inspires me. 

I am not "fancy" in the least, so I am open to all homes and tasks. In fact, I would love to learn to do something new, so if you have a unique/special need, I am a quick study and have a strong work ethic. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota so I love all animals! I can milk cows to goats and live to cuddle cats, dogs, bunnies and hedgehogs. 

Thank you for considering me. I promise to care for your home as I would do for my own. Plus, I promise to celebrate the culture where your home is located. Feel free to Google my name plus South Dakota or Belize. Frankly, you will discover more than most need to know :) 

Feel free to ask any questions!  I am ready to book airfare! 

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