House Sitter   Alynne Powers

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House Sitter Alynne Powers

Location:   Escondido, California

Experience:   2 yr 6 mo

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About Alynne Powers:

Hello Homeowner!

Thanks for visiting our profile. A little about my character, my boyfriend and I live out of our 4x4 Overlander Toyota Pickup traveling all over North America while working remotely for our Social Media company. Accompanying us is our certified service female dutch shepherd who helps Alynne with her hypotension.  

We are a couple of all trades.

-10 years of installing and managing solar project
- 5+ years of handyman work
- "I can fix anything" mentality
- Marketing, website development, and coding capabilities

- 14 years of horse and farm animal experience
- Childcare experience
- Trained ranch dogs to be used for basic obedience, protection training, and service work
- Family ingrained travel rat'
- Loves garden work and animal management
-Worked in a tech company in the management of a support team

We both are very easy going, quiet, and reliable We are excited to help you feel secure in choosing us to be your capable housesitters. 

* If you are interested in getting your place some exposure (i.e. hostel or motel), we do promotional stays at your location to help boost your business. - - Be sure to check us out on Facebook (Alynne Snow Powers, Evan Pantano) or visit our instagram profile @trippedoutwithyou @instacipher @4x4tripper

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Krystal Cates

Homeowner in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico

My sister and I have working at a animal rescue near Puerto Nuevo since 2010 where we care for the 30 horses on the ranch and other farm animals. I have had horse experience since I was 8 years old and have trained ranch dogs for protection on my parents ranch. Please visit \"All the Pretty Horses Ranch\" on Facebook to check out their location and reach out to Krystal!

Date of Service Jan 1, 2013