House Sitter   David Banner

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House Sitter David Banner

Location:   Viroqua, Wisconsin

Age:   78

Experience:   2 yr 10 mo

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About David Banner:

My wife Diane and I are healthy and active 71 and 77 year olds. We enjoy traveling and have visited many countries.  I work part time mentoring PhD candidates online, so I can take my laptop and go almost anywhere.  Diane is a retired teacher who mostly volunteers now.
We have a son and daughter-in-law and two young grandchildren in southwestern England.  We go there at least once a year.  They do not have room to accommodate us, so we always look for a place to stay nearby.
For a few years we have traveled to warmer places for two or three winter months.  Twice we housesat in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica and once in Asheville, North Carolina.  These opportunities came through people we knew or met.  This is our first time joining a housesitting site to explore new possibilities.
We also have two children in Chicago.  Our son there and his wife are expecting a baby in October of 2018.  They are not able to accommodate us in their home, nor is our daughter in her one bedroom apartment.  So we'd be delighted to find an opportunity for an extended stay near them, since it is a five hour drive from our place to see them. 
We have a wonderful cozy home in Viroqua, Wisconsin with a beloved cat, many plants and a lovely garden.  We have been fortunate to find good people to care for our home and pet in our absence and we would be happy to do the same for someone who is looking for a couple to provide loving care to pets and a home.  We'd be happy to give references.

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References 2

Bob And Betty Parsonson

Homeowner in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

We sat for Bob and Betty from March 13th to April 19th; we cared for their two Boxers, Murphy and Maggie.They were very happy with our help.

Date of Service Mar 4, 2016

Jeff Spencer

Homeowner in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

We house-sat for Allison and Jeff Spencer for three months and they were very happy with us.

Date of Service Dec 3, 2015