House Sitter   Diana Quiroz

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House Sitter Diana Quiroz

Location:   Rhenen, Netherlands

Age:   38

Experience:   3 yr

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About Diana Quiroz:

Hi, I'm Diana. I'm a Mexican but live already for 16 years in Europe (9 years in Germany and 7 in the Netherlands). I am an ethnobotanist and currently a post-doctoral researcher at Hamburg University in Germany. The reason why I've joined LHS is because I am probably the worst tourist there is. I can't stand hotels and crowded places, yet still like to go abroad and discover ways of living that are different to my own (I am, after all, half ethnologist!). So, I though a good way to reconcile my dislike for hotels but my love for new and exciting destinations (and above all, more authentic experiences abroad) was to do house sitting.

You'd probably like to know a bit more about me and I will be happy to tell you some facts: I am a vegetarian who loves cooking, I am an animal lover (cats are my favourite pets, but I grew up in a household with dogs), I love riding my bike, I love writing (although I am not a professional writer, I do write small stories alongside the articles and other texts I have to produce for my work), I love music and dancing (I am always looking for new music to listen to), I love reading novels, essays, and sci-fi, I love art cinema, I like visiting musea (yes, a bit contradictory, given that I don't really enjoy crowded places, but when it comes to experiencing art, I make some concessions), I love learning languages (I am fluent in German, French and Dutch, plus Spanish is my mother tongue) and I get to learn them from living in different countries (I spent my formative years in Mexico and I've lived in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, Yemen, Liberia, Benin and Gabon - yes, the perks of being an ethnobotanist). I am 35 and happily single and I am very fortunate to have quite a few good friends.

And, of course, I will be happy to share more, shall you be interested in my sitting your home...

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