House Sitter   Nadine Masiello

House Sitter Nadine Masiello

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Location:   Lake Lure, North Carolina

Age:   70

Experience:   5 yr 7 mo

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About Nadine Masiello:

 We are retired, flexible, experienced, active and ready to take care of your pets and home while you're away so you can have peace of mind.  We live in a log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. We have been married for 44 years, high school sweethearts. We have always shared our homes with pets that were part of the family, we love them so  we love to travel, hike, camp, fish, play racquetball,  Cook, we love being outdoors. We have two sons and two grandchildren. We love helping others and volunteer and fund raise for many charities. For us,  this is a perfect opportunity to travel without spending all of our savings. It's a perfect match. In our previous careers I was a manager for Palm Beach County, and Mike was a manager for AT&T. So we have lots of experience in dealing with people and solving problems. 

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