House Sitter   Crystal Badger

House Sitter Crystal Badger

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Location:   Melbourne, Florida

Age:   64

Experience:   5 yr 4 mo

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About Crystal Badger:

Some people are into maintenance they want to swoop in and fix it, I am into prevention I want to keep it from getting broken in the first place.  I like to get things done and do them well. I love pets, and I love for things to be clean and stay clean.  I am a responsible person, I like to keep busy and I will take care of your home as though it were my own maybe even better.  I love decorating and cooking, love to travel myself.  I hold myself to high moral standards and bible principles. It will be a privilege to earn your trust and respect.  Can't wait to meet you.

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References 3

Teresa Hall

Homeowner in Champaign, Illinois

Pet services for two dogs, walking. feeding grooming, and playing. Twenty four care.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2014

Tanya Cosper

Homeowner in Champaign, Illinois

While Ms. Cosper was vacationing in Europe I took care of her mail, maintained the cleanliness of her home paid bills, ran errands. Made sure things were secure each day.

Date of Service Jul 5, 2013

Christina Wendt

Homeowner in Champaign, Illinois

While Mr. & Mrs. Wendt were vacationing in Florida, I cared for their cat, feeding it twice a day, letting it in and out in very wintery weather. I picked up their mail, made sure the house was secure and heated.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2012