House Sitter   Linda Lindgren

House Sitter Linda Lindgren

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Location:   Peterborough, New York

Age:   76

Experience:   5 yr

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About Linda Lindgren:

I am a vibrant, mature, intelligent, independent, fun loving, healthy ,responsible, creative woman. I love the adventure of traveling, having new experiences and meeting new people. For 23 years I owned my own home where I raised my son, planted and tended extensive beautiful gardens, loving cared for many different pets, and maintained my property. I also owned, rehabbed and managed several rental properties. Recently, I left my profession of 30 years as a psychotherapist and gave up my permanent home. I have been traveling for 2 years, writing, photographing, and dancing my way through many exciting countries and experiences. I have been blessed to have many beautiful homes to stay in as I travel. In exchange, I have cared for pets, plants, gardens, and homes with the same loving attention I would give to my own.

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