House Sitter   Ronald Mercier

House Sitter Ronald Mercier

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Location:   Jefferson, Colorado

Age:   74

Experience:   7 yr 5 mo

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About Ronald Mercier:

I am retired and available for longer term sitting engagements, something I prefer.  I am a trustworthy and conscientious individual; Your House, Pets, and Plants are Safe with Me.  I am also responsible and reliable so Your Pets will Be Tended to Daily.

I have traveled extensively in the USA and Canada and most Western Continants.  My reason to for being active as a sitter on this site is to learn other cultures while helping others, I do not charge a fee for house sitting provided you provide a roof over my head and a reasonable means of transportation.  If I accept an engagement, I will furnish my own transportation to and from your location.  I will treat your home as if it were mine, I have had my own home for over 45 years so I know how to maintain a residential property and would be available to help maintain and live in a home business as needed.  

I currently reside in a home in the Colorado Mountains and am able to maintain the structure for the most part without requiring outside contractors.  I am good with animals and house work.  I do my own cooking so I don't go out often.   My home can be secured left alone for long periods of time.  Almost all of my personal business is conducted on-line, so there is very little to distract me from taking care of your property and valuables.

I would be happy to provide additional information or references and submit to any background check if necessary. 

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References 2

Becky Lockwood

Homeowner in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Becky has a cat in a town home and I have stayed at her home for a total of about 12 weeks since 2013 I have not only pet sat, but I am handy and can correct things as necessary when needed. I can provide phone number or email address if needed.

Date of Service Jul 1, 2014

Jamie Mercier

Homeowner in Denver, Colorado

I house sit and pet care for my son as needed...he has a dog and I am able to walk the dog as well as clean after watching 2 children, getting them to school and cooking them meals as needed. I can provide phone and email as needed.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2013