House Sitter   Michael Grasseschi

House Sitter Michael Grasseschi

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Location:   Jackson, Wyoming

Age:   57

Experience:   6 yr 7 mo

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About Michael Grasseschi:

 Hello Minnesota property owner:

 My name is Michael. I live in Jackson, WY, and come to you with over 22 months of care-taking and  property management most of it at higher end properties in Colorado and here in Jackson, WY.

I currently am employed as a professional tour guide, interpreter, and naturalist for Grizzly Country Wildlife Adventures out of Jackson for the past 5 years- and I did the same for Scenic Safaris in the summer and fall of 2013. Previous to that, I was seasonally employed as the senior bartender, hiking guide, guest transportation, photographer, ranch hand, part time maintenance guy, and more, at Brooks Lake Lodge...  winter @ Brooks Lake Lodge, a higher end luxury guest ranch on Togwotee Pass not far from Moran Junction and Dubois-as the senior barkeep. 

Last winter (2016/17) I returned for my 5th season at Brooks Lake Lodge to work as the senior bartender once again.

I have a Jack of many trades background that includes:

  • 12+ seasons of construction including solar installation and apprentice tile technician, landscaping, framing, and most other aspects of modern carpentry, remodeling, building, etc. 
  • 3 years of fast paced customer service as a Whole Foods Market supervisor
  •  Professional bar tending at a Wine Spectator Award Winning wine bar
  • 5 seasons as a wild-land firefighter in ID, WY, AZ, CA, and other western states
  • Worked on USFS trail crews for 5 seasons:  erosion control, brush clearing, rock work, signage, etc
  • I have worked on fishing boats and canneries in Alaska: 2 seasons.
  • Ski instructor and mtn guide: CO, WY, CA.
  • Piano player at weddings and other functions (very occasional) 
  • Sous-chef at a rustic luxury lodge
  • 3 year co-homeowner with all the inherent challenges and duties: lawn care, watering, installing hot tub bed and flagstone patios, drip irrigation systems, burning slash, painting house, repair roof, shoveling driveway, landscaping, framing, staining, and much more
  • Some small engine troubleshooting and repair. Can fix almost anything.
  • Adept at learning new equipment such as Bobcats and Kubotas
  • Various types fence install and repair: barb wire, buck & rail, chain link & others
  • Trained as a chainsaw 'swamper'  on Hotshot Fire crews
  • First Aid trained and 2013 CPR certified as well. 230 additional hours of outdoor related medical training: WFR and OEC (National Ski Patrol specific)
  • 220 hours of professional massage training
  • And a good deal more...just ask!

I have good references, both professional, personal and even rental history-wise, and a background check is also fine with me.  I have a current clear WY drivers license and own a registered and insured reliable 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 4wd truck, for those hard to get to places.

What I Offer:
  •  I can shovel and snowplow all that snow, sand and prep road surfaces
  • Can build and repair most types of fences
  • Mow the grass and trim those trees and edges
  • Weed and mulch
  • Professionally landscape your yard and grounds
  • Plant and maintain a garden
  • Install and repair various types of tile
  • Perform asphalt and shingle roof work
  • Maintain your sprinkler system and associated pumps and electronics
  • Repair dry-wall
  • Remodel your kitchen (with some help of course-)
  • Stack all that wood for the winter
  • Maintain excellent working relationships w/ various vendors that service your home (long term)
  • Clean, test, and maintain your hot -tub
  •  I am experienced with a wide variety of plumbing
  • Good electrical understanding: panel controls, wire splicing, fuses, etc
  • And the list goes on. You name it, if its associated with a home, I have likely done it
  • Or I can just keep your treasured and valuable home clean, secure and safe. 

My Relevant care-taking experiences:

*Greg Blenkinsop residence, Jackson, WY.  House manager/caretaker, 2017-2018. All property maintenance as needed, vetting and accepting tenants. Collected rent and deposits, set up lease agreements, managed utilities, and did deeper (long neglected) cleaning of the house. Oversaw various construction projects, managed vendors as necessary-and much more.

* Michael Marez residence, Boulder, CO. August 2010 to February 2011. $3.5 million house on the market for over 4 years, sold in February 2011. General and specialized maintenance, keeping house clean and staged 'perfectly' for real estate showings, accepting and directing weekly vendors such as fish tank cleaner, landscapers, etc.  Security presence, snow-shoveling, mail retrieval, plumbing, water feature maintenance, landscaping, all facets of troubleshooting, watering and many other duties. 

*Ken Dubachs 80 acre ranch, Boulder, CO. December 2009 to March 2010. Main responsibilities: Feeding and daily exercising of 2 full sized adult dogs, cleanup, minimal horse upkeep.  Any necessary maintenance, snow shoveling, weekly cleaning, mail retrieval, hot tub upkeep, security presence, stocking house with supplies, and beyond.

*Melinda & David Harrison residence: Boulder, CO November 2000-June 2001.  House-sitting while owners were in Brazil: minor upkeep, snow shoveling, spring cleaning, weekly interior cleaning, security presence, pest-removal, yard and grounds work as needed.

*Eric & Kathleen Ross residence, Crested Butte, CO. January 1995.  Cabin at end of road, walk in only during winter. Pipes no freeze, snow-shoveling, hot tub maintenance, other upkeep as needed.

 What I bring to your assignment

Honesty, integrity, Jack of many trades, creativity, fun, and I am usually quite knowledgeable about what to do in most situations to take care of your home and/or property while you are away. Proactive, high integrity, and professional in all ways.

Really, at this point you just have to give me a call, for there is likely a good deal I have missed here that we can go over when I get the specifics of your situation and how I can match up to it-lol.

Thank you, and I look forward to serving you and your home at the highest level possible. Lets talk soon!

Michael G

Jackson WY 83002

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References 1

Michael Marez

Homeowner in Boulder, Colorado

I house-sat and took care of Michael Marez's $3-4 million residence in Boulder, CO while it was on the market from August 2010 to February 2011 when it sold after having been for sale for many years. Snow shoveling, vendor reception, security presence, real estate staging help, all cleaning, grounds keeping, watering plants, fish-feeding, troubleshooting, all other maintenance (I was there when a water pipe burst in the garage; had I not been, there is little doubt it would have cost $50k and up...) mail retrieval, and beyond..

Date of Service Aug 10, 2010