House Sitter   Ana Lipkowitz

House Sitter Ana Lipkowitz

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Location:   Chestnut Ridge, New York

Experience:   10 mo

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About Ana Lipkowitz:

I have had occasion over the years to care for apartment residences, houses, and a large estate.  As a seasoned caregiver for the elderly and having until recently lived in a community setting for 10 years, I am quite attuned to assessing a wide range of needs and responding competently to them.  I am clean, orderly and respectful of privacy and others say that I move in the world with integrity, reliability, thoughtfulness and grace 

In my adult life and by choice I have owned various pets, farmed and gardened,  I eat healthfully so being close enough by car to a market with organic foods is important, as is some culture and/or nature.   Currently I am at an exciting moment of finding my way between past and future, in the present and open to new places, etc.

References aplenty, these I will post in the next days.  My needs for financial compensation will vary dependent upon your locale, responsibilities for your home and any pets, and length of stay. While they are modest it's best to speak directly to determine what may be suitable for both of us.

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