House Sitter   Laquandria Sloan

House Sitter Laquandria Sloan

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Location:   Austell, Georgia

Age:   30

Experience:   1 yr 11 mo

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About Laquandria Sloan:

I’m a very responsible young lady 28 years old with two sons , I was born and raised in Louisiana Both my mother and father are living in Louisiana. I move to Georgia February 9, 2021 with my 66 years old grandma bka (GlamMa& GiGi) . I graduated high school in 2013, I have a bucket list of employments I would like to do for starters one is becoming a flight attendant for Delta airlines, I have several goals set this year I would love to learn five languages and work in filming and production for beginners for I’ve never held a job in filming and production.

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