House Sitter   Kimberly Schneider

House Sitter Kimberly Schneider

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Location:   College Grove, Tennessee

Age:   47

Experience:   1 yr

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About Kimberly Schneider:

Hi! I'm a fun and loving person who enjoys traveling and meeting new people and seeing places. I love animals and have owned dogs, cats, chickens and even cows. I know how to take care of lots of different animals. I've even taken care of horses and goats too for neighbors and friends! I live on a 22 acre farm outside of Nashville and while I love the country rural areas, I love being in cities and all it has to offer too. I go the extra mile to see that your house stays the same as the way you left it and really enjoy cuddles from fur babies on my travels. 

Because of my job I normally can only offer short sits on weekends or long holiday weekends. But if you have a 2-4 day sit please message me if you are close to TN to see if I'm free :) I offer free house sitting and pet sitting services. I can take care of plants, animals and even check the mail while you are away. I am quiet and very neat and don't need much while I'm on vacation and really enjoy just the discovery of being somewhere new.

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References 2

Melinda Lindley

Homeowner in College Grove, Tennessee

I took care of four cats, one dog, six chickens and six goats. Basic daily feedings of cat food and cleaning out the litter box for the cats. Making sure the chickens had feed and access to fresh water. They love to spill their water! Making sure the dog was fed and had water with some snuggles. He did not need walks as he was fenced in and an outside dog for protection as a livestock guardian doggy. The goats needed hay and water. Easy peasy!

Date of Service Aug 1, 2020

Billy Gaston

Homeowner in Julian, California

I took care of four horses, two goats and two dogs. Basic hay feedings twice a day and made sure the two dogs had food and water each day. I love this kind of work!

Date of Service May 1, 2018