House Sitter   Patric Vees

House Sitter Patric Vees

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Location:   Bissendorf, Germany

Age:   42

Experience:   5 mo

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About Patric Vees:

Dear Home-Owners,

we are a big family of seven and look for opportunities to sit your "big" home and maybe your pets.

Due to the whole virus-situation we felt forced (last year in 2020) to change the schooling situation for our kids. So we started to travel in Europe. (We also started to write a blog, which you are welcome to check out, if you want to get to know us better.)

A couple of month ago we heard about the concept of housesitting. On the spot it was interesting for us and we learned about it. Finally we decided we would like to try it. We just came back home for holiday season and would be free to start from mid of January.

What do we provide?

We are a well organized family with lots of motivation and different skills. We are happy to overlook  your house and garden, wouldn’t mind to help with some smaller DIY projects and can of course manage everything else what needs to be done within or around your house. We have no problems of moving the lawn or do some gardening if needed. 

Animals? We have experience in caring for various types of animals and would be happy to care for yours.

We are parents of five adorable kids, we bring a good bunch of life experience and serenity. We are used to run our own house and garden, so we are well prepared to look after yours.

What do we search for?

We are searching for houses big enough for all of us, we need 6 beds and a space for a baby cot (which we bring with us). We are looking for a clean and tidy accomodation because we are used to keep our home tidy and clean as well and very much like it that way.

We don’t mind if the house is a bit off or in the middle of nowhere, but we do need a 4G/LTE mobile internet network, because we are working and schooling from “home”.

We are looking for assignments between 3 and 5 month in the first half of the year 2022 (and probably autumn/winter 2022 as well) anywhere. If you have anything available we would be happy to hear from you.

Did we forget any information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are Non-smokers.

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