House Sitter   Deanne Joy

House Sitter Deanne Joy

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Location:   West Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Age:   51

Experience:   8 mo

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About Deanne Joy:

Hi there! I'm DeAnne. I am adventurer in a nomadic phase in my life.  I work remotely as an author/speaker/personal development coach and clinical therapist.  I love to travel, experience new places, and meet new people. I'm also an extroverted introvert who loves to spend time alone. 

I have an adult daughter as well as an 11yo who is currently doing online schooling.  She spends her time between traveling with me and staying with her Dad in Michigan.  I have a small 10-lb maltese-mix rescue pup named Jackpot who is a super friendly, well-trained, well-traveled companion of mine.  I do prefer to be able to have him travel with me, although he is able to go to his Dad's house when unable to accompany me.  I adore animals of all kind and so does Jackpot. 

I've been traveling since the beginning of the pandemic, mostly staying at airbnb's.  I continue to look for unique ways to travel and experience new areas and also have unique spaces to do my writing.  I have a super flexible schedule as I run my own virtual business.  A friend of mine suggested that this might be a great win-win opportunity, so here I am.

I'm a super easy-going, joyful, grounded person who is in a new chapter both personally and professionally.  I really look forward to connecting with you! 

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Robbie Brooks-moore

Homeowner in Los Angeles, California

DeAnne provided essential house-sitting services for our second home during a time that we were unable to travel for several months due to the pandemic, from March - August 2020. She was an amazing steward of our home, and not only took exceptional care of it, but in addition, she managed massive crises that resulted from sub-par contractor work and could have resulted in absolute disaster. Her actions undoubtedly literally saved our newly-renovated home. She even stayed several weeks longer than planned in order to make sure that everything that needed to be addressed in the home had been adequately addressed.

I just can't say how much peace of mind this gave us, as we live in another state, own our own record label, and were getting ready to go out on tour when the shutdown and all of this happened at the same time. To say that we already had plenty on our plates is an understatement. It was an incredible gift to know that DeAnne took responsibility for managing all of it and communicating with us through it all, so that we could focus on our larger responsibilities to the people that we had obligations to in our business.

We just can't recommend DeAnne highly enough for any home-sitting services. She will care for your home as it is her own, and she also has the caliber, integrity, and drive of an entrepreneur and goes above and beyond in all that she does. Most of all, she's just an incredibly kind, committed, and compassionate person who does amazing work in the world.

Date of Service Mar 2, 2020