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House Sitter Sarah & Nigel Heaton

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Location:   Leeds, United Kingdom

Experience:   11 mo

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About Sarah & Nigel Heaton:

Seafaring Duo, we may not be your average candidates, but hopefully we are the best candidates. 

We are Sarah and Nigel, an English couple in our 40’s and 60’s, we are both very adventurous and have a love for the outdoors and exploring the world. We are sociable people and enjoy learning about new cultures, traditions, and local people.

We have lived on our sailboat for over 10 years, having sailed several oceans and seas, visiting and living in some wonderful countries such as Europe, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Many Caribbean Islands, ABC Islands, South and Central America and Mexico is where we are right now.

Nigel and I are both reliable, honest and house-trained, we feel we are ready for a change but are not ready to settle down and stop exploring, which is why we feel house and pet sitting would be an amazing way to still travel further, while helping others out too! Not to mention we so miss not having pets around us. We are both massive cat and dog lovers and have had both in our lives before we moved on to the boat.

Before we left the UK I worked for the NHS for 16 years in mental health nursing, working predominantly with elderly people with dementia and Nigel has a background in owning and running his own businesses. 

We both have grown up children that live in the North and South of the UK and also in Botswana. 

Nigel and I are both hands on kind of people and can easily adapt to most situations, be it looking after properties, pets, staff, boats and if problems arise we are able to deal with them effectively and in a systematic fashion, due to our working background experiences and having to be self sufficient living off grid on our boat.


While we may not have years of house sitting experience under our belts like some, “we do have a little”. As we have in the past, looked after friends' pets and property while they were away.


I think, also to take into consideration, is that we are a little older and can 100% appreciate the hard work $$$ and dedication that has gone into your home and the love you have for your pets as they are a member of your family. One thing you can count on with Nigel and I is we would look after your property and pets as if they were our own.


We both have many interests in various forms of art and music. We love wildlife spotting on land and the sea. I love to cook and experiment in this department. Nigel was an experienced  private pilot and gliding instructor before he became a sailor, so has a keen interest in aviation. And as already mentioned, we love domesticated animals, and the off-grid life as well.


So if you feel that we could be a good fit for you or you would like any further information, please make contact with us today. We will consider almost anywhere in the world!  


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Holly Redmond

Acquaintance in Cincinnati, Ohio

While staying in Santa Marta, Colombia on our sailboat my husband and I needed to fly back to the US. We sail with our 2 cats aboard and where unable to take them with us. We met Sarah and Nigel at the marina, and they graciously offered to watch our boat and cats while we went back to the states. There was a great since of relief knowing that Sarah and Nigel were very knowledgeable about off grid living and the daily maintenance associated with living on a sailboat. Sarah was so sweet the whole time we were gone, she sent us updates on the cats along with pictures of them spending quality time with them. Our cats fell in love with them. I wish they had followed us to Panama because there have been several times I could have used their services here. I highly recommend them!

Date of Service Mar 19, 2019