House Sitter   Cat Damato

House Sitter Cat Damato

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Location:   Grants Pass, Oregon

Age:   35

Experience:   3 yr 4 mo

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About Cat Damato:

Hello! My name is Cat and I am a outdoors enthusiast, adventurer, lover of nature and art, philosophy, yoga, ecstatic dance, and living my life to the fullest. I am a entrepreneur since I was 24 and run two businesses in the wellness field that operate solely offline. I have worked hard to set up my lifestyle in this fashion so I could live location independent. I am a single parent and currently homeschool my 11 year old daughter. Showing her the world, its unique people and all it has to offer is very important to me. I have managed properties for family throughout florida and also have ran 2 of my own Air-BNB's, so I understand the logistics of house sitting, taking care of things in a timely fashion and being responsible and tedious with property and landlord needs. I am trustworthy, clean, quiet and I do not drink, smoke or use drugs. I live out of integrity and alignment and I teach my daughter the same values. I am a gardener and pet lover. I owned two different businesses in the restaurant industry between 2015-2019. Now I take on private retreat chef gigs from time to time  for pleasure and love for cooking and connecting with others through clean food. In my spare time I am usually hiking, reading, writing, sketching humans and laughing with my mini me. I don't watch TV often and really enjoy serene atmospheres that spark my creativity and allow me to express my art.  One thing for sure is any space I have come into, I bless and leave better than I found it. That's a guarantee. :)

I am available through 2021 currently and I will update as I aquire jobs. Thank you for your consideration. Be well. 

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References 3

Michelle Schroeder

Homeowner in Bradenton, Florida

I have taken care of Michelles two sweet, older dogs a number of times between the years of 2018-current. Michelles property also has a pool and yard that require maintenance when she is gone traveling. I have accommodated her 6 times in the recent years and always enjoy the stay in her lovely Florida home.

Date of Service Jan 31, 2020

Ralph Deluca

Acquaintance in Stratford, Connecticut

Ralph is a business partner of mine who has been working with me since early 2019 on various creative projects. I have added him as a qualified reference as we work together remotely and have been successful as well as continue to grow. Ralph has been witness to my workings with others as well as my adventurous and kind spirited charachter. Ralph knows first hand my dedication and ethics that drive me when I commit to something.

Date of Service Apr 1, 2019

Margaret Ballard

Homeowner in St. Augustine, Florida

I house sat for Margaret for about 6 months in 2019 as she was visiting family and in and out of the hospital. I took care of her yard, garden and cleaned her home when warranted. I took care of mail services, including prescriptions mailed. I was given projects to "clear" her home and declutter over the course of the 6 months directed from Margaret and her three adult children.

Date of Service Feb 1, 2019