House Sitter   Kenneth Damro

House Sitter Kenneth Damro

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Location:   Viroqua, Wisconsin

Age:   62

Experience:   8 mo

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About Kenneth Damro:


I've been in the property caretaking/handyman/cleaning/horticultural fields all my life. I've completed numerous house sitting assignments over the years. 
I've been mostly self employed and have had many wonderful satisfied clients.
I recently sold my house and property due to a terrible neighbor situation and have found myself free to travel and work just about anywhere. Thus I am available immediately.  
I am 61 years young, in great health (on no meds, work out frequently, and eat a whole foods vegan diet [for 20 + years]). 
I have spent most of my life in rural and remote settings or in smallish towns. I'm not much of an urban dweller. Currently I am single, have no pets, but am good with animals, plants, handyman work, cleaning, etc. 
I have no addictions (other than staying fit) alcohol use is quite infrequent. 
I am open to a wide variety of locations.
Please see my resume and website below.
Thank you,

Kenneth Damro


Work History

Sept 2011 - present

Currently I am running my own sole proprietorship named Ken’s Karetaking. I do a wide variety of service work for residents and businesses. Most of my work consists of cleaning, handyman work,  painting, renovations, installations, property inspections, maintenance, gardening, bird and wildlife surveys, woodland restorations, the promotion of “veganic permaculture” and a wide variety of horticultural work. 

June, 2010

During the summer of 2010, I was the sole caretaker and manager for Sylvania Wilderness Cabins on the edge of the Sylvania Wilderness in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I scheduled, cleaned, and did maintenance and repairs on the cabins lodge and grounds.


Throughout this 11 year period, I served as a private contractor for the US Forest Service, performing bird surveys in the Chequamegon/Nicolet National Forest in Northern WI. This work was seasonal and because I was required to bid on jobs, I worked most years, but not all. I did other handyman and service work in the off seasons. 

The work encompassed bird identification, by sight and sound, navigation by map and compass and GPS orienteering, playing recordings, walking grids, record keeping and data entry.


During this period, I also did bird and habitat survey work for the State of Wisconsin and a variety of private and nonprofit agencies. This work was seasonal, but there was also some occasional research and data entry that went into winter months. I worked as both a private contractor and as a temporary hire for the state of Wisconsin.


I ran my own sole proprietorship named “Squeeky Squeegee” Window Cleaning Service. 

I performed all aspects of a residential/commercial window cleaning service including the installation of bird tape and bird marker. 

My client base was mostly in the Florence, WI / Iron Mountain, MI region, but I also branched out into other areas as well. 

Sept. 2004 - Dec 2004

I was caretaker and manager for Village Farm, a remote tropical farm in Southern Belize, Central America. My duties there included managing shade grown cocoa, citrus and other horticultural plantings as well as gardening, building and grounds maintenance, and managing other employees of the farm.

1997 - 2000

I worked as the Maintenance Supervisor for “Trees for Tomorrow” Natural Resources and Educational Center in Eagle River, WI 

I performed all aspects of building and grounds maintenance.

1989 - 1994

I owned and operated a full service cleaning and janitorial service named “Vilas County Maintenance and Janitorial” in Eagle River, WI. 

This was a very successful business where I managed 7 part time employees, 3 service vehicles, and a fleet of equipment. I serviced both commercial and residential customers doing a wide variety of cleaning, janitorial, and building maintenance. I sold this business for a profit in 1995

Other income generating endeavors:

In the mid 2000’s I did bird research for the Bird Conservation Initiative and the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology (Breeding Bird Atlas Project 1)

In 2005, I self published a book titled: “ A Northwoodsman’s Guide to Everyday Compassion”. It was about my personal journey from an avid hunter and fisherman, and livestock farmer to a compassionate vegan. I did presentations and book signings throughout the Midwest. 

During 2002 and 2003 I worked seasonally as a subcontractor for the Florence County Wisconsin Land Conservation District doing shoreland assessments and restorations. This included mapping and assessing properties, the installation of a variety of plant materials, and the installation of bio logs. 

During 2001 and 2002 I worked as a limited term employee for the State of Wisconsin Bureau of Endangered Resources, inspecting and recording the harvest of wild ginseng within the State of Wisconsin. This involved good record keeping and data entry as well as field work. 

During the summer of 2002, I worked at Rib Lake Health Care Center in Rib Lake WI. 

In the summer of 2001, I worked for the University of Montana, Missoula as a seasonal field worker in the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. I performed bird nest searching, band re-sightings, data entry, and other related work. I was the top nest searcher for that season and camped remotely with a group of field  workers and researchers for 90 days. 

During the period of 1994 to 1998, I ran a small business named “Progressive Landscape Philosophy” (PLP). I performed wildlife plantings, installed birdscapes, feeding stations, and set up a variety of educational modalities regarding the planting of native trees, plants and shrubs. 

From 1996 to 2000, I owned and operated a small ceramic production and shipping business named “ Cliff Swallow Hollow”. I researched native Cliff Swallows and their nests, marketed and sold them throughout North America. 

From 1985 to 1995, I owned a small commercial apple orchard named “Nine Pines Orchard”. I researched, planted, maintained, harvested and marketed organic and non organic apples in the Eagle River Wisconsin region. 

During the 1980’s I worked as a small engine mechanic at Northland Marine in Three Lakes, WI 


1983 - 1984

Nicolet College and Technical Institute, Rhinelander, WI

Achieved a Vocational Diploma (3.553 GPA) in Small Engine Mechanics and also completed CPR and First Aid courses.

Diploma in Vegan Nutritional Counseling through Stonebridge College in the UK

High School Diploma from Kaukauna High School, Kaukauna, WI 1977.

Other accomplishments:

I have been a published author in a variety of news sources and periodicals regarding my birds study and research, and vegan lifestyle. 

In 2011 I designed and built my own passive solar earth bermed home near Viroqua WI. I have lived in this home until recently

Thank you for your time

Kenneth Damro

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