House Sitter   Joann Bennett

House Sitter Joann Bennett

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Location:   Scottsdale, Arizona

Age:   76

Experience:   4 mo

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About Joann Bennett:

Frank and I are freelance writers who work remotely from home. We are both retired from very active  careers and have been married for 31 years after raising large families.
Frank's extensive experience, as a hospitality executive and restaurant owner, horse clinician and ranch manager, and published author, is all well documented on his website: 
I am a retired family therapist, in addition to being Frank's 'sidekick' during our 'horse' years. We love animals and are experienced caregivers for all types of animals after several years of ranch life...cats, dogs, cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, horses, mules, ponies and miniature burros. We also managed the guests and horses for Merv Griffin at his guest ranch, The Wickenburg Inn, in AZ. for 7 years.
We have traveled extensively and lived all over the United States, from New York City to the high Rocky Mountains in variety and change are natural for us.
We do not have current house-sitting experience, but did house-sit for an absentee owner on a 10 acre horse property for several years in the 2000s. While there, we voluntarily upgraded all the landscaping and left the house and property substantially improved. 
We currently live in Scottsdale, AZ; a wonderful city lifestyle but without pets. We would love to find a house-sitting position for one or two months during the summer in a quiet place where we can write and spend time with animals again. We will take care of your pet(s) and your home as though they were our own.
We are avid trekkers and in excellent health; accustomed to vigorous daily exercise. We are non-smokers, extremely NEAT and CLEAN, dependable and prone to exceeding expectations. 
We do not have a current house-sitting resume, but would be eager to meet on Zoom or SKYPE or email any additional information a future homeowner might want and need in order to feel comfortable hiring us.

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