House Sitter   Therese Maher

House Sitter Therese Maher

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Location:   Ann Arbor, Michigan

Age:   31

Experience:   10 mo

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About Therese Maher:

Hello! My name is Therese. I love to travel and see all the beautiful cities and States we are blest to have. I also have a passion for taking care of the home and pets as well. 

I was a nanny / house manager from  2012- 2017, in Chicago IL. I was in total charge of a  6000 square foot  residence. I took care of the doggie, ensured he had foot and water, multiple walks and time outside with his toys and to exercise. I brought all amazon packages in and ensured they were left in a safe and secure spot in, until homeowners returned. 
 I handled all vendors appointments (coordinated with interior design team to let them in to house, when they needed to be, coordinated with doggy day care, repair men etc). 
Water heater went out on my watch, which I handled and got fixed while they were away. 
Ensured fridge was stocked when the family returned to residence. 
Basically any and all care related to a home and pets-- I am very competent and feel comfortable doing! I am currently working in a sales role for a large logistics company. I enjoy it.. but travelling is my true passion as well as skiing, tennis and hanging with my family and friends :)  

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Sue Martell

Homeowner in Linden, Michigan

Brought Mail in daily. Watered plants and garden daily. Ensured animals were fed and taken for walks!

Date of Service Jan 1, 2019

Rose Kay

Homeowner in Chicago, Illinois

Ensured home and plants were well taken care of!
Brought mail in daily,
Ensured fridge was stocked upon arrival home of residents.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017