House Sitter   Evan Denmark

House Sitter Evan Denmark

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Location:   Emeryville, California

Age:   26

Experience:   10 mo

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About Evan Denmark:

Greetings! My partner OcĂ©ane and I are two very excited and enthusiastic explorers who recently graduated from our Master's programs at MIT. We both love to explore the outdoors, especially the ocean, and love to experiment with lots of different cuisine in the kitchen. When not making our own peanut butter, scuba diving, or hiking up a mountain, you'll find us working our respective jobs as an independent science journalist and a computer scientist for ocean conservation. 

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Anna Straubinger

Homeowner in Somerville, Massachusetts

A reference from Couchsurfing

Staying with Evan was amazing! I spent one weekend in Boston to work at a festival and if I am completely honest... that probably didn't make me the easiest guest. Even though I came home pretty late every day because of this festival, he always made sure that I could get in. On one of these days Evan and one of his roommates had tickets for Boston Calling and I got to know them a little bit. All I can say is that they are great. They are kind, bright and easygoing. What I really appreaciated while talking to them (this may sound odd, but I feel like people that are traveling right now or have traveled, will understand it) was that they not once made me feel uncomfortable speaking a foreign language. They never gave me a strange look when I made an obvious mistake, when it took me a bit longer to find the right words or I mispronounced a word.
Even though this weekend was exhasuting, it was so amazing at the same time and it's probably one of my favorite memories from this trip so far. I am so thankful for Evan for hosting me and making it possible. I really hope I can repay the favor and give him a place to stay in case he'll find his way to Munich. :)

Date of Service May 1, 2019

Carolyn Goulesque

Homeowner in Somerville, Massachusetts

Evan is not only an amazing host (thoughtful, flexible, available) but also an amazing person.
He's a maker : he does, creates, imagines plenty of things (that I'd rather like you to discover by yourself). So you can talk with him about everything, from food to sport, cartoon design to marine biology, in a fun or serious way.
His two roomates are very nice too. I had such a great cooking time with them, picturing what could be the tomorrow's "Language of Babel".
I 100% recommand Evan for his many inner qualities - and for the unique moments he made me live here, in Boston.

Date of Service Feb 1, 2019

Michaela Garber

Acquaintance in Berkeley, California

I've been lucky to know Evan since Fall 2017 when we lived in Berkeley, CA, and since then, I've continually admired his drive, creativity, and just pure VERVE! He always has fun and insightful stories to share, adventurous activities going on in his everyday life, an appreciation for the little things in life, and seems to easily gel with any group of people you stick him with. I wouldn't hesitate to bring Evan to anything from a crazy dance party to a cozy tea party, and I have no doubt that he will be a lovely, respectful presence to have in any space he's invited into.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2018

Scott R

Homeowner in Oakland, California

My partner and I live on a 36 foot sailboat in Oakland, CA. When we decided to go on a 4 month road trip, we needed to find someone to look after our floating home. Evan climbed aboard and took care of our vessel while we were away and did a fantastic job. He completed the scheduled maintenance, addressed a few system problems, and even finished the wood varnishing job we had started. We left the boat in good hands. Happy to recommend to others.

Date of Service Jun 19, 2017