House Sitter   Agnieszka Olszewska

House Sitter Agnieszka Olszewska

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Location:   Warszawa, Poland

Age:   32

Experience:   10 mo

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About Agnieszka Olszewska:

I'm a freelancing artist and mother, living with my husband and 4-year old daughter.
I'm interested in sustainable and spiritual ways of living, art, self-expression, self-healing, nature and its rhythms. 
My main work is writing (poetry, prose and general text composing) and wool spinning (I sell mostly online). 
My artwork can be viewed here:

My dream is to move to Ireland and live somewhere in the West Coast, preferably in the company of the great old trees. 
I have travelled in Ireland a few times before but always for only a short time, up to a month. 

I would like to use a house-sitting opportunity to settle in Ireland for a couple of months before taking a bigger leap and moving there permanently. 

I have experience in taking care of dogs, as I used to have one for 12 years and now that he passed, I am sometimes helping my family to take care of another two. I've also had cats around me all my life and had taken care after them. I have little experience with horses and sheep, though I would love to get to know more. 

I'm clean, organised and can maintain the house well, my husband has skills in fixing things, we both do a little gardening and anything that needs care would be surely considered by us. 

We are available to house-sit from the beginning of March onward

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Siobhan Tanner

Homeowner in Annascaul, Ireland

I met Agnieszka on the Dingle Peninsula in West Kerry in 2014 on one of her visits to Ireland. We were both staying in the hostel and looking for accommodation in Dingle. Her character inspired such confidence in me that I decided to seek a house we could share. She decided to travel to Iceland instead to meet with Osvaldas, whom she later had a child with.

We maintained a correspondence and friendship and receiving her beautiful letters and thoughtful gifts in the post is always a delight.

Since then I have hosted Agnieszka and her daughter twice in my homes in West Kerry and been hosted by her in her home in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her apartment in Vilnius was beautifully kept, warm and neat, in spite of having a creative toddler.

She is one of those rare people who doesn't suffer bad habits. Her diet is largely raw vegan and she has the energy and clarity that such a diet gives. She is a woman of extraordinary principles and one of the few i know who's discipline appears effortless.

Most recently Agnieszka lived in our home in Annascaul, Dingle for three weeks in September 2018 with her, then 3-year-old, daughter. While with us, she cooked, cleaned, organised and supported us in our activities painting a giant poster for a sustainable waste initiative for the Dingle Food Festival.

She is extraordinarily creative and talented. She is a gifted writer and musician and a spinner, painter, singer. But does not suffer the inability to manifest that some creatives do. I have witnessed her initiate and realise her projects in short order. She is unafraid to ask for help and does not hesitate to offer it either.

She is a devoted and exemplary mother and an active advocate of breast feeding and baby wearing and she is the first person I would ask for parenting advice.

I think she would be an excellent house-sitter as she would add beauty to your home with her many crafts and music. Like I said, she has excellent habits and is of a grateful nature.

Having been a sitter of houses myself on a few occasions I know what is required of a good one. I would have no hesitation in recommending Agnieszka as a house sitter because i know her to be responsible and considerate.

Date of Service Sep 10, 2019