House Sitter   John Wilson

House Sitter John Wilson

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Location:   Niwot, Colorado

Age:   58

Experience:   2 yr 4 mo

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About John Wilson:


Happy, healthy, normal, and non smoker. I am organized, clean and tidy.  I am covid conscious with best practices utilized.  I can fix most things with my handyman skills and green thumb.  Well educated with an MBA, BBA, captain's license (50 ton), and licensed insurance agent.

Recently sold my house in California, returned to Colorado to be closer to family.  Studying for a few months to get my real estate license to work at my cousin's firm.  Currently staying at his house in Niwot or brothers house in Colorado Springs.

No wife or girlfriend or pet.  I do enjoy cats, dogs, horses; would volunteer at SPOT to walk the foster dogs.

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Michelle Lecomte

Homeowner in San Marcos, California

House sitting, dog walking, managing contractors for home improvement.

Date of Service Jan 15, 2019