House Sitter   Angela Lisa Smith

House Sitter Angela Lisa Smith

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Location:   Annapolis, Maryland

Age:   59

Experience:   8 mo

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About Angela Lisa Smith:

 I am an empty-nester, looking to retire in about 2 years and then live abroad; I have dual citizenship. After selling my house, I  downsized and minimalized a few years ago (no baggage, literally).  I look forward to any inquires in the Annapolis, Maryland  area and surrounding vicinity within 40 miles as well as short-term options abroad.  

Best regards,
(Angela) Lisa

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Mary Beth Christensen

Acquaintance in Annapolis, Maryland

Lisa assisted me while I convalesced after an injury. Her expertise and professionalism were beyond reproach and I was able to return to a normal life in a short time.

Date of Service Nov 1, 2020