House Sitter   Jackie Wolf

House Sitter Jackie Wolf

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Location:   Brooklyn, New York

Age:   24

Experience:   9 mo

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About Jackie Wolf:


My name is Jackie and I am a photographer living in Brooklyn. I am a plant and animal lover, and pet/house sat all through out my college career on summer and winter breaks. I studied Communication in college and decided my best way to communicate is through documentation. I love being a photographer. I work with families, kids, pets, musicians, artists, etc. I love taking photos especially of live music, however, there is a lack of that in the city right now, and so I have finally taken the time to learn guitar during this pause in the pandemic. I like to keep a tidy space, so your home would be kept in good care.

I work once or twice a week as photo work is picking back up a bit, but most of my work is done at home editing on my laptop. While I'm not learning guitar or taking photos, I am writing, cooking, and stretching as much as possible. 

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References 2

Carolyn Pitchford

Homeowner in Denville, New Jersey

Feed and play with cat, empty litter box, make sure plants are watered, and keep house clean and fresh (vacuuming, swiffering, dusting)

Date of Service Jul 24, 2018

Melissa Lawson

Acquaintance in Brooklyn, New York

Walk dog three times a day, play with dog, fill water/food bowls accordingly, and pick up mail/sort what is important according to my instructions.

Date of Service Jan 14, 2018