House Sitter   Matthew Bulmer

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House Sitter Matthew Bulmer

Location:   Danielson, Connecticut

Age:   25

Experience:   7 mo

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About Matthew Bulmer:

Hi! My name is Matt Bulmer (feel free to facebook profile me! I understand how important trust is) 

I’m a digital nomad. An entrepreneur who loves connecting with others and creating master pieces through my videography & editing abilities. This lifestyle of house sitting was made for me! I’m very quiet and to myself.. Extremely disciplined so you can be rest assured that all the housing responsibilities will be executed to their fullest! I’m principled on being extremely transparent & respectful because I would want the same returned. I love all animals and you can be rest assured that your house will be well taken care of and more clean than when you left it! 

With Love and Excellence, Matt 

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