House Sitter   Kathryn Swanson

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House Sitter Kathryn Swanson

Location:   Barrington, Illinois

Age:   61

Experience:   7 mo

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About Kathryn Swanson:


I've worked in Live Broadcast TV in Chicago for 30+ years, freelancing for Oprah, CBS, NBC, FOX, and love it.  Because of technology and competition however, the TV industry is cutting way back on hiring, so I'm looking for some other ways to add to my income.  

When I was a student at Trinity International University in Deerfield/Bannockburn, IL I enjoyed doing a lot of house sitting to pay for school.  Recently, the last of my 4 kids has become independent so I have a lot more time and flexibility to house sit.

Pets are great. I grew up with German Shepherds and I have 2 cats now that are adorable like yours.  One of my sons lives with me and takes care of them when I'm not at home.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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Mike Wilken

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I worked with Mike Wilken, Chief Engineer at Big Ten Network in Chicago, starting in 2008.

Date of Service Jan 6, 2015

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Tom is my boss at CBS-TV.

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