House Sitter   Jax Hill-wilson

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House Sitter Jax Hill-wilson

Location:   Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Age:   63

Experience:   10 mo

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About Jax Hill-wilson:

I have been home-sitting for over 20 years - as a result of being asked if I could help friends and acquaintances with challenges that they had. This has ranged from homes of UHNW individuals whose security and privacy is critical to them to the interim management of a boutique hotel complete with guests, whilst its owners took a much needed break. I am very comfortable with providing a front of house experience where needed and working with any household staff who might be providing services within the home - I pride myself on being part of a team

My professional life has been full of challenges - for over 30 years I have helped entrepreneurs and business leaders to grow or expand their business operations 

In my personal life I have enjoyed bringing up my children who are now all on their own life journeys. I have also had dogs, cats, chickens, geese, sheep and cows so am quite used to looking after animals on both 2 and 4 legs :-) 

Home is where I go out from and return to and I value other people's homes as I do my own . I have a full, clean driving licence 

I love to settle in and learn about other parts of the world so home-sitting for others provides a good opportunity to do this 

I look after the things that other people care about as if they were my own as I appreciate how important this is 

I have references to provide as needed 

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