House Sitter   Raquel Girones

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House Sitter Raquel Girones

Location:   Móra Ebre, Spain

Age:   30

Experience:   11 mo

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About Raquel Girones:

I am a quiet and calm person with a lot of energy. I love nature and animals, philosophy, music and arts.

I am graduated in Social Anthropology and a Yoga teacher, I have been running my own Studio for few years and now is the moment to open a new door.

I am traveling with Israel, together we have an educative project focused on yoga and music and we are looking to create our community, a network of professionals and centers interested in our project.

We are new in house sitting, but ofc we have experience in taking care of our homes and pets. We have join this platform because we need spaces where to sit and create, where to have the comfort and space to focus on the practice.

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