House Sitter   Amber Blue

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House Sitter Amber Blue

Location:   Trinity, North Carolina

Age:   50

Experience:   11 mo

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About Amber Blue:

Hello, I'm new to house sitting, yet have done it for family and friends for years.  I had planned this many years ago.  I knew as soon as my kids were off to college and living on their own, I would be a house sitter. I have three young adult children which I have had full time.  I am very used to running and maintaining a home, and with pets.  My oldest child is based in Anchorage, Alaska and in the Air Force. My middle child works with health insurance. My last child is an honor student going to college, focused on pre-med. As you can see, I'm very proud of the adults they grew up to be.

About a year and a half ago, my vision changed when I met the love of my life.  He promised me the world, and all was great.  Unfortunate events happen in life, most unexpected, and we have to prepare ourselves for those moments.  Thank goodness I already had a back up plan, as my love lost his life.  

I'm sure it is an unusual case for a female nearing her 50's to choose this lifestyle and alone. Many would say I'm running away due to pain.  However, those closest to me know I had a plan before this tragedy. It has taught me I am far stronger than I ever thought I was before.  It has given me a push to do this...almost like it is meant to be this way right now.  

In the past month, I just sold everything I had. It was very difficult as we just had a sale of things I didn't want and were moving into a gorgeous house on the beach.  It was so difficult unpacking everything I had just packed for this new home.  A lot were my most cherished items, as the woman who raised me passed 4 months prior.  So it has been very hard emotionally.  I went through thousands of photographs of my children as they grew up and separated them all into their folders.  I gave them everything I thought they would want.  I threw away photos that wouldn't make any sense to them, yet did to me.  I almost feel as if I have erased my life.

As I type this, I'm on a retreat and have been for about a week.  I knew I would need time to visit friends and family.  I am rediscovering who I am.  This is not a bad thing, as I welcome these new experiences and making new friends. I plan on the next couple months traveling to see my family and if I find a place nearby or on the way, I'll be trying to house sit.   

I'm a bit of an unique person, and I've had a very interesting life so far.  I retired through emergency services.  I have been trained for any and all emergencies.  I'm an artist, who love photography and painting, so I'm sure I will capture some great photos and videos of your fur babies for you to view.  I'm an honest person, genuine and fun loving.  I have a beautiful soul and a curious nature.    

I grew up on a large working farm in the country with so many animals.  They would always make me smile when I see them and I enjoy providing for animals as they depend on us.  I love to talk to the animals and show them attention.  I enjoy playing with them and getting them exercise.  I am a very neat and tidy person.  I like to feel as if everything has a place.  I am very quiet and would not have to leave the property often.  I probably would not have a car if it is out of the eastern part of the United States.

I am writing a book, so most down time would be spent doing that.  I do not drink often at all, and if I do it is a glass of wine.  I have a high regard for peoples privacy.  I would treat your home as I would want someone to treat my own.  I'm very respectful, and have a calm nature.  I am great with the city or the country and I have lived off grid before.  I'm a pretty tough girl and can hold my own.  I'm excited to see what the future holds with this lifestyle.  I welcome all opportunities.

Thank you,

Amber Blue

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Joseph Teti

Homeowner in Lancaster, South Carolina

Watch the property, collect mail, pool care, take care of plants, clean, and welcome people who are staying at the retreat. This was in the country so some lawncare was required.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2019