House Sitter   Marcile Barnett

House Sitter Marcile Barnett

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Location:   Bryan, Texas

Age:   55

Experience:   3 yr

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About Marcile Barnett:

Hello and thank you for reading my profile.  

My name is Marcile Banett and I am from College Station, Texas. I live in a college town and have children in college and serving in the military. I guess you could say I'm an empty nester. I currently own an AirBnB and I take great pride in my home and business. I have been in the hospitality business for 30 years, working as a wedding planner for hotels and county clubs. My Summer is currently flexible and I would like to try something new.  I have previously house sat for friends and family and enjoyed it very much.  College Station is a town where football is all the rage. Summer time is slow here and I would like to venture out and see what possibilities are out there.  If you are looking for someone you can trust with your home, pets, and any other things that are precious to you, please contact me for a visit to see if I would be a good match for the job.
Thank you,
Marcile Barnett

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References 3

Kimberly Wienthoff

Homeowner in Galveston, Texas

I was a house manager for Kimberly. I took care of her vacation home in Galveston, Texas. After each group she entertained checked out, I would go in and clean and ready it for the next set of guest. Kimberly will be able to tell you the care I took of her beautiful beach house and the attention to detail when guest arrived.

Date of Service Jun 1, 2018

Tiffany Sabo

Homeowner in Crosby, Texas

When Tiffany and her husband would go out of town, I would stay in their home and take care of their specials needs child, their pets and light house chores, mail collection, errands and cleaning the pool. Tiffany and her husband will be happy to tell you how trustworthy I am to take care of all their household needs.

Date of Service Mar 1, 2017

Kim Hodge

Acquaintance in Houston, Texas

I have traveled her Kim, her husband and child on business trips taking care of her son when she and her husband had dinner engagements to attend. I have known Kim and her family for 20 years, she will be able to endorse my trustworthiness, dependability and care and attention to details.

Date of Service Jan 1, 2015