House Sitter   Amanda Cobb

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House Sitter Amanda Cobb

Location:   Simpsonville, South Carolina

Age:   41

Experience:   9 mo

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About Amanda Cobb:

Hi there, as someone who started life on a 100 acre horse farm and can’t remember a time not being surrounded by animals to now being a Mamma of three children by birth and later several more by surprise, two dogs, two cats, a snake and a lizard, nothing describes me better than Mamma. I’m a nurturer at heart and building connections and relationships with people and animals is my absolute favorite thing in addition to being near the ocean. 

House sitting came out of the blue like most things tend to do around here. A friend recommended us to another friend because of our love for animals and the beach and we fell in love with meetintg new folks, caring for their spaces and pets and adventuring to new cities. I have three amazing, animal loving kiddos who are a true asset to my house sitting capabilities as the adult :) My daughter is known as the pet whisperer, a real life Dr. Doolittle and she’s never met a fur kid or scaled one for that matter that hasn’t adored her. My boys, 13 and 15 are immense help when it comes to entertaining pups and also usually proudly take on the responsibilities of pool and yard maintenance. My oldest just finished up a two week house sitting job with Mom as his assistant and loved the freedom and responsibility. 

We have a ten year old golden and a one year old pit who are both the epitome of sweetness and perfection. They have traveled with us on previous house sitting jobs and have never met anyone they didn’t love. The only down side? Leaving new friends to go home. :( We love/hate getting pics and messages from new friends we’ve made through house sitting that say their pups seem sad that their owners have come home. 

I am available most all summer months and would prefer jobs where my kids and pups are welcome. Neither of them have ever been boarded bc they are part of the family. My husband is about to retire from the Military and is currently on a duty post at Furman University, so on days when I’m working during the school year they go to work with him. I do understand however that not everyone’s pets are crazy about the idea of having strange four legged friends in their space. In those cases I would only be available for short weekend - weeklong trips depending on the kids schedules. Having said that, we know how it is to worry about their pets, we are those same people, so the weight of the responsibility of caring for them is not lost on me! 

We are an adventurous family, so petsitting/house sitting  has opened up a brand new way to meet others and get to experience new places. We are big time beach lovers, who jump at any chance to hit the salt water so if  you’re coastal, we are your people and we love nothing more than salty puppy kisses. 

I’m happy to send you photos and videos of our days with your fur kids and we are pretty great at leaving you with a sparkling clean home upon your return. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out or to ask about our previous house sitting experiences through our references! 

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References 3

Tony King

Homeowner in Simpsonville, South Dakota

Tony and Fatimah are the owners of two lively pups, a golden doodle and a terrier mix and a rescue cat names Noah. While out of the country for two weeks, they entrusted us with the care of their home and fur children, which included regular pool and hot tub maintenance, exercise of dogs and regular home cleaning. They also welcomed my three children and two pups who make for a much more engaging pup sitting experience. Our pets loved having built in playmates for the two weeks and we enjoyed caring for their home and spoiling them while they were away.

Date of Service Apr 1, 2019

Jill Nicilino

Homeowner in St. Augustine, Florida

Dr. Nicilino has two sweet rescue pups in the beautiful St. Augustine area. She has requested house/pet sitting from my kids and I several times for extended time frames and we have loved getting to care for her crew. Her dogs Zoe and xac were the main event, but we also cared for her home which included regular hot tub maintenance, yard and plant care and mail collection. She even allowed us to bring along our four legged and two legged children, which made for even better entertainment for her pups. The kids love Ms. Jill’s home and we look forward to every call to house/pet sit for them!

Date of Service Jun 7, 2018

David Poser

Employer in Austin, Texas

Under Mr. Poser I served as the Field Marketing Manager for two NCAA Division Schools in partnership with the Nissan college 100 Program, the US ‘s largest Sports Marketing Program. In partnership with the athletic programs and their designated Media Partners at Clemson and South Carolina, I managed all on site Marketing teams and activations that were held during athletic events. I was also able to secure our client, Nissan Headquarters with a lead spot in the 2017 Clemson Football National Championship Parade. The program completed in 2019 where our teams at both schools continuously met our KPI goals and exceeded the expectations of our program.

Date of Service Aug 1, 2017