House Sitter   Jasmine Sandler

House Sitter Jasmine Sandler

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Location:   Astoria, New York

Experience:   3 yr 10 mo

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About Jasmine Sandler:

Hello. I have rented properties for over 15 years in Florida and NYC. I have a perfect record of renting and paying on time with all of my security deposits returned. I have house sat here in NYC for friends with Manhattan apartments and have related references. I am a Speaker and Trainer in the areas of Internet Marketing , with clients throughout the U.S. which allows me the flexibility of working from virtually anywhere. I grew up with animals and am an excellent care taker of them (have owned horses, cats, dogs). I am unmarried and a career woman who has always taken care of her own home. See for more information about my professional work and background.

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Homeowner in Manhattan, New York

Cat sitting and house setting

Date of Service Jan 1, 2017