House Sitter   Annika Zayac

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House Sitter Annika Zayac

Location:   Las Vegas, Nevada

Age:   27

Experience:   6 mo

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About Annika Zayac:


We are Annika & Dustin! We are professional yacht crew who normally care for private superyachts. We are taking a break from the big blue, but not from traveling!

Our background in yachting means we both come with a real "jack-of-all-trades" skillset, allowing us to confidently care for properties that may be remote, more demanding, or unique. We are professional but easy going, detail oriented, and reliable. We are both in excelllent physical shape, so if your property has some laborious aspects of upkeep, there's no need to sweat it! We are animal lovers and both have experience with "needy" pets, but are currently traveling without animals. We have summarized our relevant skills below, if you are looking for something specific.

Of course, it also goes without saying that we are also well suited for more "normal" properties, and would be happy to look after your home no matter what it's needs are.
We own a discreet campervan, which allows us to be flexible with regards to your timeline or even your house use!

We are climbers, skiiers (XC, touring and resort, we love it all!!), sailors, hikers, and generally lovers of the outdoors. Our preference will lean towards house sitting with access to the activities we love, but we are also keen to simply experience new places. Please do not hesitate to contact us, no matter what your needs may be! We are currently taking placements for Spring/Summer 2018, and are generally available for locations in the Western US & Canada. Exceptional properties of course may always draw our interest farther!

Happy Travels,
Annika & Dustin

Skill Summary:
Basic German & Spanish
Professional Interior Cleaning
Hospitality & Service Skills (Laundry, Food Prep, Provisioning, Etc)
Office & Secretarial Skills - Fluent in Microsoft Office, Quicken & Project Management Software
Small Diesel Engine Maintenance & Repair
Small Gasoline Engine Maintenance
Golf Cart Maintenance & Repair
Boat & Watersports Care (All Aspects)
Garden & Lawn Care, Hedge Care, Brush Clearing & Burn
Basic Carpentry, Wood Care
Professional Painting & Varnishing
Basic Plumbing Installation & Troubleshooting
Basic Electrical Installation, Certified NMEA Installer
Fine Linen/Clothing Care & Repair
Upholstery Repair
Small Tree Removal, Woodchopping
Experience Operating: Forktrucks, Snowmobiles, ATVs,  Snowblowers, Trucks with Trailers, Manual Transmissions, Mowers, Chainsaws, Boats (all types), 

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