House Sitter   Timea Pokol

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House Sitter Timea Pokol

Location:   Littlehampton, United Kingdom

Age:   40

Experience:   11 mo

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About Timea Pokol:


I am Timea and Hungarian. I am living in the UK 9 years. I promised myself, I change my life and I will enjoying my life, my job and I live more healthier. I am a Marathon finisher and I love the water sports. I am charity worker every year clean up the river from the plastic and Lifeguard charity worker.  At the moment I have a cleaning business in UK what I managing but I will changing my professional next spring and I go back in the tourism. I continues my business online because I love traveling and learning other cultures. My family had always dogs and cats because we have a big house and garden in a village. The animals always make me laughing and happy. I don't know why but they likes me. I thinking because I am using the meditation and relaxing every day. I am a positive thinker and innovative person I always I see the positive sides. So I am a professional cleaner as well because I know how is important and especially if you have a pet in the apartment.
I am apologise my language this is my second language and I am still learning the English. :-D

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