House Sitter   Maria Amorim

House Sitter Maria Amorim

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Location:   Lisbon, Portugal

Experience:   2 yr 6 mo

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About Maria Amorim:

I am a former journalist and University professor who is writing a PhD and whose dream is to live and write in the country, preferably on a farm. I love animals (and have had lots of them), not only pets but also farm animals. I would do some gardening gladily. I like and need solitude, long walks and admiring nature. In order to write this long text of mine, I am flying from the historic center of Lisbon where I live, and that has turned noisy and full of  electromagnetic radiation, with lots of tourism. As my theme is Fatima, I would be delighted to find my sitting house not far from it. This means around Tomar, Santarém, Leiria, Porto de Mós, Coimbra, etc. My best languages are Portuguese and French. But I can also speak (although not perfectly) German, English ans Spanish. I can read Italian and Dutch. I am a quiet and mature woman and a contemplative character, loving classical music and literature. I'm quite responsible and people can rely on me. Only thing I must be sure of is that I will have some 6 hours free to work on my Doctorat and a place for that sort of work: to install my laptop and my books and dossiers. I have a modem (Meo), and I hope I will have wi-fi.

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Teresa Braddell

Homeowner in Sintra, Portugal

I have a mansion at Sintra, Portugal, running a luxury Guest House (Turismo de Habitação).
Maria took me daily to Mass, and, when necessary, to shopping, doctors or long walks in the forest. She helped in the Guest House, specially in the reservations. We have several cats, she loved them. She replaced me at the big breakfast table, speaking with the clients several languages and helping them planning their tours in the region and the country. She became a good friend of the family.

Date of Service Jul 1, 2014