House Sitter   Tina Brown

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House Sitter Tina Brown

Location:   Jacksonville, Florida

Age:   48

Experience:   2 yr 11 mo

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About Tina Brown:

I own two homes of my own in Florida and can provide addresses for proof.  I am clean, and somewhat OCD about tidiness. I am looking for a long term (1yr) house sitting position,  exchange for room and board, whatever we can come to an agreement on, would like to be in the country or large area where I can have my 2 (2ry old) beloved Labs. I am transferring to Charlotte, having to leave my family to continue my last 4 nursing classes in my Nursing Program away from my home area.  We do have an RV if the lot is accessible to appropriate hookups. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I am a very compassionate woman who is seeking a second degree (BSN) in her later 40's, married and a daughter who is 27 years old. I have worked since I was able to, and because I had to. I am a native to Florida, grew up in Gainesville Florida, graduated from the University of Florida. After working with the vulnerable population, in the rural areas, I had the opportunity to come home, be a house wife, produce, and hand raise 4 litters of my own labradors, plan and design my only daughters wedding, bring my grand mother into my own home to take care of her until her last breath, and at that time I realized there was strong need for more caring, compassionate, and ethical people like myself, so I decided to go back to college and get my BSN degree. My cares are for human rights along with human dignity, animal rights, civil rights, ethical and moral rights.

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Cynthia Mchugh

Homeowner in Starke, Florida

Maintained and watched over home while out of town, took care of her little "Mini" baby (dog), uses me frequently. Current Client Since 2013

Date of Service Mar 1, 2013