House Sitter   Lissette Torres

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House Sitter Lissette Torres

Location:   Charlotte, North Carolina

Age:   50

Experience:   2 yr 9 mo

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About Lissette Torres:

Hola, Hello

I look forward to meeting you soon. So you want to know a little about me now that I have read and learned a little about you. Well for starters I am a mom, yes I have been living Charlotte for 11 years. I have two young men in my life (my sons) they are grown and on their own now. So this a great time in my life for me to be able to help others who need this service. I really enjoy meeting people and I am an entrepreneur an d it's really easy for me to keep my own hours and be able to schedule travel as well as work remotely.  Oh, I am also fully Bilingual and Bicultural (my parents were born in Puerto Rico), two of my sibling were there and I and two my sibling were born in the states but I speak, write and read in Spanish as I use it in business daily.

I am really exciting about getting to know you more and helping you out so contact me at soon as possible.

Hablamos Pronto/Talk to you soon.


Lissette Torres

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