House Sitter   Michael Dougherty

House Sitter Michael Dougherty

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Location:   Hindhead, United Kingdom

Age:   67

Experience:   5 yr 10 mo

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About Michael Dougherty:

I'm a 60+ retired American who has traveled to all US states and territories except Guam. 

I've cruised all over the world (540+ days/100,000+ miles) as a volunteer in the past five years.  I currently spend about half of my year traveling and the other half in the U.K. (Surrey). 
For the last 20 years of my working life I was involved in property management, repair, and renovation in Tucson, Arizona.  I can do just about anything with houses. 
I've lived in over a dozen states and gardened in California, Hawaii, Montana, and Arizona. 
I like animals and they seem to like me back.  My English girlfriend and I have fostered several "rescue" puppies.  I'm planning to take a pet first aid class as soon as I can. 

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