House Sitter   Hope Komatz

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House Sitter Hope Komatz

Location:   Clarkston, Michigan

Age:   48

Experience:   2 yr 3 mo

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About Hope Komatz:

Hi, I live in Clarkston, MI with my husband and two kids. My son is a sophomore in college and my daughter a junior in hs. We have a corgi, a cat, koi fish and a bearded dragon, hence we love animals. I'm a part time speech/language pathologist working in both schools and with the geriatric population in home healthcare. My husband works for Chrysler. 

My husband is from Austria, so we travel nearly every year to visit his family and then often take an extra trip through Europe. I'm from Texas, so I head home once a year. Traveling is my passion, hence I'm always looking for places to travel abroad or in the US. I've considered volunteering abroad with my daughter, but haven't found the right assignment yet. 

I then decided to look into house/pet sitting as a perfect way to see more of the US or internationally at a reduced expense. I have 6 weeks off in summer and a few weeks off scattered throughout the year.

We have a lovely home in Clarkston, and a beautifully landscaped yard (thanks to previous owner!) which we maintain ourselves. Therefore, I understand the need to find a person who would really care for your home and plants if need be. My parents used to sit for us when we were gone for 3 weeks at a time, but we just recently started looking for other people to house and pet sit for us. It is so hard to hand over your house/yard, and even more; your other family members (pets) to another person and trust them. Luckily, my good friend's son has helped us out so much.

I really think I'd be an ideal house/pet sitter as I highly value caring for animals and keeping my home space clean and cared for, so I would give the same to you.

Ideally I'd like assignments where my husband could join me, and a bonus would be  assignments where my two kids could join as well; if the time frame fits for them, and of course the living space. 

We are all non-smokers, none of us have allergies and we love exploring new areas/cities.

I have profiles on Airbnb and Homeway where you can read reviews written about me/my family by homeowners in regard to how we were as guests. 

Thanks for your time, Hope Komatz

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